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About the show

Going Straight is a reality show like none other: a show where moving in a straight line is the name of the game no matter what the obstacle in the way, a game where $10,000 is at stake.   

Going Straight is the new Fear Factor - a whole new challenge where success will be hell and failure will be costly; where virtual will meet reality in a head-on clash.  

Going Straight builds a "virtual lane" – a zone across the landscape. This zone is between one and five metres wide (depending on the stage of the challenge) and it is an exact straight path with invisible sides. The use of ankle or wrist monitoring equipment (similar to that used by prisoners on home detention) will tell the audience whether a contestant is staying inside the zone. And that zone is not only across the country – it could be straight up into the sky or straight down the side of a cliff!  

Each show depicts a straight line drawn down the country and each episode involves five contestants attempting to conquer three parts of that straight line. There are three straight-line challenges. In the first challenge, all five contestants line up. Each of the contestants must get from point A to point B in an exact straight line. They must overcome whatever the obstacle in front of them to achieve the task – a towering skyscraper, a wide canyon, a tank of slimy eels!  

The first episode saw a series of straight lines drawn from Kingston to Queenstown. The first challenge involved the competitor running down a road - with a car coming straight at them at 25kph, and having to jump the car to complete the challenge. The second line was on the Kingston Railway where each competitor had one minute to race along the top of a moving train, jump between the carriages and safely make it to the other side. The third challenge was to walk a beam suspended above a raging river with all the elements pitted against the competitor.