The Hopes and Dreams of Gazza Snell

Screening at the 2010 New Zealand International Film Festival: a film about an ordinary, infuriating, charming, obsessive, suburban dad who, finally, grows up. Starring William McInnes as Gazza, Robyn Malcolm as his wife Gail, Joel Tobeck as his old mate Ron and introducing Josh McKenzie as his eldest son, Marc.

Meet Gazza Snell: entrepreneur, kart club president, and Man About Howick. His obsession with his teen boys' karting careers has alienated his wife and pushed his family to the financial brink. And yet he smiles through it all, equal parts Charmer, Great Dad, and Frustrating Bastard. You probably know a guy just like him... Gazza's world is turned upside down when his boys collide on the track, forcing him to fight to keep his dreams afloat, and his family together.

THE HOPES & DREAMS OF GAZZA SNELL is a father's coming of age - about letting go and finding something much stronger to hold on to.

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